Company Policy and Compliance

Ever since it was established, KRÄMER+GREBE has been valued as a dependable and lasting partner. Your needs and demands are our yardstick. We know the complexity of the challenges of the industry and are supporting the change through innovative and high-performance solutions. Your satisfaction is our primary concern.

The corporate culture at KRÄMER+GREBE is characterized by clear responsibility, mutual respect and trust. Lawful conduct and ethical behavior are an integral part of our business activities and an important prerequisite for ensuring the long-term success of our company. Our primary goal is to avoid risks that jeopardize the trust of customers, shareholders, suppliers and all others in KRÄMER+GREBE. The company is therefore fully committed to acting lawfully and responsibly.

Respect for human rights and fair working conditions are an integral part of our corporate culture. We are committed to respecting internationally recognized human rights and align our working conditions and due diligence process with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

The more than 100 years of experience and the know-how of the company, the greatest repository of which is our employees, enables us to respond to and satisfy our customers’ wishes and requirements. The economic activity and orientation required for this is directly linked to our impact on nature and our environment. We take particular responsibility as a result of our impact here to constantly improve the environmental sustainability and energy consumption of our manufacturing processes and of the products we create in the quality demanded of and recognized in them and to steadily reduce the burden on environmental and energy resources.


What we do is determined by our customers’ wishes; we learn from them and find innovative solutions with them and for them. We achieve innovations through curiosity, openness and boldness – but also by taking a systematic approach. We have an environment in which ideas and progress thrive. We promote the ideas and creativity of our employees.


Our employees are motivated, committed and competent. They take responsibility for the quality of their work, for the environment and for health and safety and the constant improvement of these factors. Vocational training and continuing professional development further boost awareness to ensure that these principles are put into practice. Our in-house apprenticeships and personnel development with internal and external training provide constant expansion of the state of knowledge required, both for junior employees and specialists of many years. We promote individual responsibility and we manage through holding discussions, by agreeing objectives and by reviewing performance.


Our products and services are characterized by exemplary quality. We offer the necessary processes for developing, designing, manufacturing and monitoring, as do our suppliers. We act on the basis of the DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001 guidelines in their current versions.

For us, quality of supply means: delivering the service as promised, to the defined specifications, on the terms contractually agreed and on time.

Quality of service means for us competent consulting, support, a high degree of flexibility and a cooperative approach. We achieve this thanks to qualified employees and a high level of customer orientation.

Continuous improvement is our objective. The basis for this is the ongoing improvement of our systems, our processes and our skills and knowledge, plus our obligation to employ state-of-the-art technology as far as possibility and business success allows. We regularly review and evaluate the suitability of our management system.

Environment and Sustainability

KRÄMER +GREBE accepts its social responsibility and is particularly aware of its corporate responsibility to respect human rights and related environmental rights. We respect human rights and the associated environmental rights not only in our own business area.

Our natural environment and the livelihoods of future generations are priceless assets that we wish to protect and preserve. We strive to protect the environment by providing suitable resources and by organizing and documenting the responsibilities for consistent implementation in the workplace. It is our aim to improve our energy and environmental performance, thereby increasing energy efficiency and minimizing our environmental impact.

In our areas of activity, we act in an environmentally conscious manner, avoid environmental pollution and strive to actively protect the environment by conserving resources, promoting biodiversity and developing efficient products. Minimizing the consumption of resources, reducing emissions and protecting the soil, water and air are among our overriding goals. Compliance with legal and official regulations and requirements is a matter of course for us.


We ensure that we know and abide by all the external requirements (laws, regulations, technical rules, customer requirements and so on) that apply to our activities at all times. For us, however, compliance means not only the obligation to comply with all the statutory regulations and other requirements to which we have obliged ourselves by means of bilateral agreements etc.

Rather, to us compliance is the prerequisite for fair and transparent business practice with our business partners and our employees.

We consistently pursue compliance with human rights, fair and transparent trade, sanctions, the protection of personal data and the responsible procurement of all raw materials.  Corruption, forced and child labor as well as unequal treatment are not tolerated and non-compliance is prosecuted.

Every one of our employees acting with integrity and responsibility builds the capacity and reputation of KRÄMER+GREBE. After all, only by acting in compliance in all business segments can one prevail among the competition and continue to receive the trust of our customers in the future.

The objective of compliance at KRÄMER+GREBE is to further reinforce awareness and understanding for responsible action among employees and partners and to continually promote them.