Permanent moulds

For castings subject to high stresses and with complex geometries, that is, with a high degree of freedom in design, a fine structure and good mechanical properties, it is not uncommon for permanent-mould-casting to be the first choice.  As one of only a few tool makers, at KRÄMER+GREBE we are capable of meeting the widest range of requirements for all types of permanent-moulds. We are in the best position to offer the highest level of dimensional accuracy and optimal functionality for permanent-moulds in high-quality steel.  We use our deep resources of experience and expertise to design and manufacture gravity and low-pressure moulds of all types with local deployment of special materials, high-performance cooling systems and local cooling, with temperature control and complex slider techniques, including in intelligent monocoque structures. Our moulds – with or without their own sand cores are based on ideal designs. The 100% shapable steel moulds meet both economic and functional requirements.

By subjecting them to various processes, permanent-mould-casting can be adapted to suit a diverse range of requirements. These include achieving excellent strength properties, the formability of complex geometries by means of sand cores, a high level of material utilisation (including dispensing with risers), high dimensional accuracy and good automation and flexibility possibilities for the process by means of machine and mould technology. The way to this is paved in the mould by means of sophisticated slider technology, temperature control, perfect machine adaptations and materials specifications in all areas, from the base plate through to localised usages. In addition to expert knowledge, at Krämer + Grebe the latest CAx technology is used in order to achieve the best possible design of a given mould.

Frequently the process is used because of its low-turbulence, layering filling of the mould and for an ideal temperature gradient during solidification.  The experts at K+G are not only wholly familiar with the main properties of all types of moulds, with and without pouring bushes and runners; additionally, the definition of all necessary details, combined with complex geometrical cores, complete our full range of moulds.

  • Product weight up to approx. 46 kg
  • Multiple occupancy for maximum output
  • Cyclical casting process simulation and casting optimisation
  • Tool warpage calculations
  • Analysis and design of tool temperature control