High-pressure dies

From design through engineering to production, we offer the entire process for high-pressure dies suitable for a wide variety of aluminium and magnesium castings. Whether part of a powertrain or for large structural and chassis components, high quality, close tolerances and absolute precision are decisive for high-pressure dies. We will therefore support you from the development and design stages with filling and solidification simulations for the sprue and spillover positioning. This involves our modern equipment, such as the latest 5-axis simultaneous machining centres including workpiece and tool changers, which assures high-precision results. A spotting press or a chamber furnace for heat-treating the mould inserts and for the maintenance and repair service that also forms part of our services spectrum, complete our range of offerings.

High-pressure die properties

  • For aluminium and magnesium castings
  • Die weight up to 75 t
  • Single and multiple-cavity dies
  • Full-vacuum and vacuum-assisted dies
  • 3-sheet forming with shear blade
  • ‘Soft’ die inserts for prototypes
  • Additively produced part inserts
  • Squeezer
  • Jet cooling
  • Demouldability (undercuts, fillets, drafts)
  • Consideration of separation process, including cavity separation
  • Separation processes under consideration of deburring
  • Consideration of stamping ribs, flow aids and ejector eyes
  • Avoidance of weak points on the tool

Our special equipment for high-pressure dies

  • Spotting press REIS TUS 300-400 with clamping table 3m x 3m, closing force 4000 kN
  • Regloplas temperature controller
  • Chamber furnace for stress relief heat treatment and heat treatment during welding repairs
  • 40 t/40 t double crane systems
  • Rocklinizer coating unit