WOW, that’s Kraemer+Grebe Spirit – 100 years of machine and tool development of the Krämer+Grebe family were duly celebrated.

This year we look back on a successful century. On 02.09. we celebrated this anniversary with our great team. Our goal: to say thank you for a successful 100 years together!

We have always put a lot of emphasis on being ahead of the game – in topics related to sustainability and social issues, and above all: how can we generate even more quality for our customers and the environment. In addition, we have been able to bring sustainability and affordability together – through resource-saving and economical product innovations. Today, we look back together and can say: It worked out great!

Of course, all this is only possible with a strong team. With a size of around 130 employees, which makes us incredibly proud.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has made and continues to make these 100 years a success story all along the line.

And now we look forward to another such successful future!

Special commitment to the testing of education and training


We are very happy about the compliment from the IHK!

Praise to everyone who gives their best for the success of the training and who have contributed to our trainees and our former trainees successfully completing their exams.

A really great achievement.

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Reliably prediction of tool abrasion during core shooting


From February 12th – 13th, 2020, the Formstoff-Forum took place for the third time in Munich. The aim of this forum is to enable a close exchange of ideas between experts from research and industry.

Together with our development partner MAGMA, KRÄMER + GREBE was able to contribute to this Forum with an interesting presentation. Speaker Thomas Achenbach demonstrated the possibilities of an experimental analysis and subsequent modeling of tool wear on coreboxes.

“Due to the large number of influencing parameters, a core shooting simulation can currently predict only the qualitative wear”, said expert Thomas Achenbach, “With the help of this development project we hope to generate enough valuable data which will be used as basis to create models, in order to predict the quantitative wear on the tools”. In the course of this project, KRÄMER + GREBE has set up a test facility, where core shooting experiments can be carried out automatically with a high reproducibility.

MAGMA uses the data collected from the tests done as a basis for simulations. In addition, KRÄMER + GREBE has built up special knowledge by using different materials for the different tool requirements. This knowledge helps to keep improving our tools according the customer needs. In this way, we can continue to guarantee in the future the highest quality and state-of-the-art technology made by KRÄMER + GREBE.

With this development project we make a major contribution to the Industry 4.0 and are glad to have MAGMA as a committed partner at our side.

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