PROCAD Impulse Tour 2017/2018 is making a stopover at KRÄMER+GREBE


Topic: The digital future of production data

On 21.11.2017, the PROCAD truck made a stopover on its Impulse Tour 2017/2018 at the grounds of KRÄMER+GREBE and provided the employees there with a new impetus for working with PRO.FILE.

In a first block of topics, users were provided with tips and tricks that will make working with PRO.FILE on a daily basis easier. The topics of “finding documents quickly” and “working with favourites and subscriptions” were on the agenda, among other things. Also highlighted was the advantage in the fact that documents are not simply scanned in and stored in digital format on a file system, but are also linked with one another; in other words, the defining feature of Industry 4.0.

In a second block of topics, the department heads were given new ideas on how to better utilise PRO.FILE with respect to digitisation. It was also demonstrated how a controlled, logged and secure exchange of technical documentation can be implemented with customers and suppliers using PROOM. Here too, the potential in Industry 4.0 was made clear, by creating consistency from the CAD system, via PRO.FILE, to NAVSION.

The last block of topics addressed the question, “Where are you now, and where do you want to go?” This question was discussed with regard to the company’s strategic development towards digitisation and Industry 4.0 in the company of senior management and other strategic decision-makers. It thereby became clear that this development is certainly attainable with the use of PRO.FILE.

The goal of this day, to give users a new impetus for working with PRO.FILE, was achieved 100%.

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KRÄMER+GREBE opens new deep-hole boring facility


By investing in SAMAG’s deep-hole boring facility, KRÄMER+GREBE is filling an important gap in the process of manufacturing contoured parts for die-casting moulds and inorganic core boxes. Our consistent objective is to continue to improve production methods both qualitatively and quantitatively, while also achieving the highest levels of precision and creating our own unique terminology, without ignoring rationality and universality.

The SAMAG TFZ3, with its technical specifications, achieves maximum bore depths ranging from 1,800 mm to 40 mm in one go, thereby meeting all the requirements for the tempering systems of complex components.

Moreover, it also boasts a replaceable milling head designed for horizontal pre-machining which has a milling capacity of 475 cm3/min. Due to the range of motion, X/Y 2,000 mm/1,650 mm, there is no limit to how large the contour components can be. Thanks to the increased table load of 20t, die-casting moulds can be easily processed.

Th 3D CAM system GIBcam-DRILL was selected as a CAM programming system for creating NC drilling programs. This makes it possible to easily program and execute bore holes even if they intersect or occur multiple times.

The company is now fully equipped to create high-tech moulds for any casting process and to tackle the technical challenges that come with modern lightweight casting components.

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