Prototye Components

A focus at KRÄMER+GREBE is the development of extremely high-quality tools and complete model equipment for engine castings and other automotive applications. As a direct development partner, a team of our outstanding specialists designs and manufactures complete systems of equipment for foundry use. Complex casting concepts are developed in close exchange with customers and partners; simultaneous engineering harnesses synergies and saves time.

The materials used are diverse: grey cast iron, steel, light metals and plastic. In the pilot production setup phase and in the development of prototype tools, in a wide range of plastics for a wide range of requirement profiles, KRÄMER+GREBE is an experienced and innovative partner.

Near-series concept solutions, illustrative models, short development times and direct paths to the first casting – these are what characterise prototype production with KRÄMER+GREBE.


  • Prototype tooling in aluminium/plastic
  • Rapid prototyping components
  • 3D printing models
  • PEPSET method for small volumes