Core box tooling

At KRÄMER+GREBE we offer tool solutions for all core box tooling. Our palette ranges from cold and hot box through croning tooling to entirely inorganic warm-box core tooling.

Sustainable trading and protection of the environment play a special role in many foundries. The production of castings on the basis of core production with inorganic binders offers outstanding possibilities here.

The use of hot core boxes as such is hardly an innovation in itself, yet the matching of the energy supply to the drying process requires close interaction between the design, simulation and process development divisions. The varying thermal stability of the binder systems, the different casting processes and the resultant variation in thermal loading of the cores result in different degrees of expansion and temperature stability of the cores. The hardening reaction takes place primarily through dehydration, that is, through the removal of water. In addition to high temperature, the moisture is also removed from the core box by means of a flow of hot air. Various methods are employed here. The exact matching of casting tools and the core box requires a high degree of attention, knowledge and experience, that KRÄMER+GREBE can offer.